MI And YCee React To The Absence Of Rappers At Rick Ross Live In Concert | SEE DETAILS


Rappers MI Abaga and YCee have reacted to the absence of rappers at the Rick Ross Live In Concert held on Thursday, April 14, 2022.

MI Ycee Rappers Rick Ross Live In Concert
YCee and MI

Talented rappers MI Abaga and YCee took to their social media platform, Twitter to share their honest opinions about the absence of rappers at the Rick Ross Live In Concert held on Thursday, April 14, 2022, in Lagos state.

YCee had initially tweeted about his concerns about the absence of rappers at an event where the star act is arguably one of the biggest rappers in the United States of America.

YCee had tweeted:

Bruh this ain’t even about me cos I haven’t put out rap music in a while but how do you have a Rick Ross show in Nigeria and not have ONE SINGLE NIGERIAN RAPPER ON THE LINE UP??? And tomorrow you wanna come on twitter and ask why rappers are switching genres

And the Chocolate City big man MI had followed up with his tweets that read:

Lot of rappers would have ate if they listened to me. Not every opinion is equal.

Lastly .. I was invited to meet Rick Ross.. I responded by saying if I could do it one on one. Ofcourse they declined.. the afrobeats industry will not respect Hiphop just because.. that’s fine. Let’s accept it as what it is and make GREAT MUSIC FOR THE ONES who do care.

That’s how I created the wave the first time!!! Every single time I gave them music I never cheated them.. I made classic after classic and am relentless still.. the guy is my best album yet coming soon! Classic.. give your best and the music will grow!

My first big gig ever was in 2008 with Jay Z and Rihanna and Usher.. how I was treated that day taught me a valuable lesson.. them no go respect us.. until we respect ourselves

Let’s support each other.. I just posted a Paybac verse.. let’s see how many other rappers will repost.. push the culture and inevitably push yourself.. give the fans quality

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