Medikal explains the reason for his British accent


Ghanaian rapper Medikal has shed light on the origins of his noticeable British accent, sparking surprise among fans.

Media personality Olele Salvador took to Twitter, expressing curiosity about the unique element in Medikal's speech. "[Salvador] Just like many of you, I was curious about why @Medikalbyk has a familiar British accent when he speaks, whether in interviews or in some of his rap verses," Salvador tweeted.

The answer came straight from Medikal himself as Olele shared a video of the rapper explaining. In the video, Medikal revealed he lived in Brixton, London, at the age of 11 and even attended school there.

This revelation adds another layer to Medikal's background and artistic influences. The artist had adopted his name because he was in love with the medical field, probably an influence of the medical system in London.