Logos Olori opens up his journey to success


Nigerian singer and DMW signee, Olalekan Emeka Taiwo better known as Logos Olori, has shared insights on his journey to success, shedding light on his challenges and experiences in the music industry.

Speaking in a candid interview with CoolFM, Olori revealed that before catching Davido's attention, he had reached out to various industry figures, including producer, Don Jazzy, via direct messages (DMs) with hopes of securing opportunities. Despite his efforts, Olori recounted receiving no response from Don Jazzy, reflecting the difficulties aspiring artists often encounter in getting noticed by established figures.

Interestingly, Olori disclosed that he had never directly approached Davido for a record deal. Nonetheless, Davido, recognizing Olori's potential, chose to sign him to his record label, a testament to Davido's keen eye for talent and willingness to give emerging artists a platform.

Moreover, Olori shared his disappointment in his unsuccessful attempts to collaborate with Olamide, despite the latter showing support for his music by posting one of his songs. Olori recounted a missed opportunity to secure a verse from Olamide, emphasizing the challenges faced by emerging artists in securing collaborations with established stars.

In his words, “David was one person I didn’t send DM’s to, Olamide was the first artist that posted my song, I even met him in Dubai and I told him to give me one verse but I chased that verse and unfortunately I didn’t get it. I was in Don Jazzy’s DM, and I was in everybody’s DM but a lot of them won’t reply to me, I was even in Burna Boy’s DM at some point but not for music-related issues that were just for like something he said and I replied and we argued.”

Reflecting on his interactions with other artists via DM, Olori revealed that he had engaged with Burna Boy, albeit not for music-related issues. Despite his efforts to connect with various artists, Olori acknowledged the difficulties in eliciting responses and forging meaningful connections in the competitive music industry.

Logos Olori's journey serves as a reminder of the perseverance required for emerging artists to navigate the complexities of the music industry. Despite facing setbacks and rejections, Olori's story showcases the importance of resilience and seizing opportunities when they arise, as exemplified by his signing to DMW under Davido's mentorship.