Lifesize Teddy reveals something crazy about her vocals


Rising star and avid rapper. Lifesize Teddy is setting the record straight about her impressive vocals.

In a recent social media exchange, a fan took a jab at Teddy, calling her music "autotuned talentless crap." But Teddy wasn't fazed. In a sassy reply, she revealed, "the gag is, there's no autotune on my vocals lmao."

Teddy went a step further, tagging her producer, Sparro Beats, as a witness. "my producer can confirm this," she wrote, shutting down the negativity with a flourish.

But Teddy didn't stop there. She offered some empowering words for the critic, concluding with, "And even if there was?? Now go on and be the loser that you were born to be."

This clapback has fans applauding Teddy's confidence and talent. It's a refreshing change to see an artist prioritize their craft and celebrate their natural abilities.