Kofi Nti's 'Odo Nwom’ featured on Netflix sci-fi film ‘The Kitchen


The soundtrack of the latest Netflix original film 'The Kitchen' includes the song 'Odo Nwom' by Ghanaian musicians Kofi Nti, Ofori Amponsah, and Barosky.

In a dystopian London, 'The Kitchen' depicts a stark divide between the rich and poor. The Kitchen, the sole surviving community, becomes the backdrop where Izi (portrayed by Kano Robison from Netflix's 'Top Boy') and 12-year-old Benji, orphaned and in search of family, actively navigate a challenging system, striving to forge a bond against the odds. The Sci-Fi film was released on January 19, 2024.

The debut directorial project 'The Kitchen' on Netflix, helmed by British actor Daniel Kaluuya('Get Out' and 'Nope') and Kibwe Tavares, features a diverse soundtrack including artists like Alhaji K Frimpong, Giggs, and Fela Kuti.

During a recent Radio Times interview, Kibwe Tavares discussed the incorporation of varied musical genres, stating, "It's definitely a sort of process of elimination and starting pretty broad, and we had to sort of build the soundscape the same we did the world – in a sense, we were still trying to push for, like, this idea of layers and this idea of colours and this idea of building what's there. So then you'll see, like, a mix of influences that we have, whether it's garage, drum and bass, grime, and some more sort of classically composed things".

The Kitchen Soundtrack

Full list of songs featured in the soundtrack for The Kitchen below:

  • Holding On performed by Tirzah
  • Party Popper performed by Backroad Gee
  • En blue jeans et blouson d'cuir performed by Salvatore Amato
  • Kyenkyen Bi Adi M'awu performed by Alhaji K Frimpong
  • How 'Bout Us performed by Champaign
  • Odo Nwom performed by Kofi Nti feat Ofori Amponsah and Barosky
  • AK47 performed by Sayfar, Cyfred, 2woBunnies
  • Zombie performed by Fela Kuti