Kizz Daniel reveals why he cannot stop drinking alcohol


Renowned Nigerian singer, Kizz Daniel has opened up about the unexpected role alcohol plays in his music career, citing it as a catalyst for his creative process.

In a recent disclosure on X on Wednesday, March 6, 2024, the artist emphasized the significant impact alcohol consumption has on his ability to produce music. Kizz Daniel admitted to using alcohol as a catalyst during his creative sessions, attributing its influence to enhancing his creative flow.

Responding to inquiries about his alcohol intake, often questioned by fans, the artist shed light on the underlying reasons behind his reliance on alcohol while recording music. He candidly admitted that recording music in a sober state poses a challenge for him, highlighting the difficulty he faces in abstaining from alcohol during his creative endeavors.

During an interaction with an online user, Kizz Daniel elaborated on his struggles with maintaining sobriety during recording sessions. Despite expressing his deep affection for his family, the artist hinted at the limitations of deriving creative inspiration solely from familial sources.

Kizz Daniel's revelation sheds light on the complexities of the creative process within the music industry, showcasing how artists navigate personal habits and external influences to channel their artistic expression.

Kizz Daniel