Kizz Daniel responds to social media comments about his music


Nigerian music star, Kizz Daniel found himself at the center of a social media storm after responding vehemently to a Twitter user who attempted to draw comparisons between him and fellow musician Wizkid on Friday, December 22.

The exchange quickly escalated into a heated conversation, with Kizz Daniel dubbing the user as "Arindin."

Known for his chart-topping tracks such as "Woju" and "Buga," Kizz Daniel sparked controversy when he playfully questioned who should foot the bill for women's purses and wigs. This light-hearted comment was inspired by Odomodu Black's perspective on transactional relationships.

In response to Kizz Daniel's inquiry, Twitter user Jyreh took the opportunity to suggest that Kizz Daniel step aside, emphasizing Wizkid's current dominance in the music industry.

However, Kizz Daniel took exception to this assertion and retaliated with a barrage of scathing insults, staunchly defending his right to stand by his musical idol.

The altercation swiftly gained traction on social media, drawing diverse opinions from fans and followers alike.

As news of the online dispute circulated, discussions proliferated across various platforms, reflecting the passionate opinions of music enthusiasts on the significance of individual artistic identities within the Nigerian music scene.

The incident serves as a testament to the fervor and engagement that social media platforms bring to discussions surrounding celebrity comparisons and the loyalty artists have to their craft.