King Perryy’s ‘Tight Condition’ Hits 1 Million Spotify Streams Via Musicsplit’s Royalty Sharing


King Perryy’s ‘Tight Condition’ Hits 1 Million Spotify Streams Via Musicsplit’s Royalty Sharing

King Perryy’s ‘Tight Condition’ Reaches 1 Million Spotify Streams, Thanks to Musicsplit’s Ground-breaking Royalty Sharing for Fans

The Dancehall king described the achievement as "blessed."

King Perryy, in collaboration with MusicSplit on ArtSplit, has surpassed a million Spotify listens for his Victony-assisted club song "Tight Condition," off his 2023 EP Continental Playlist, a feat he celebrated on Instagram Thursday, 6th April.

"Tight Condition" isn't King Perryy's first song to enter Spotify's million streams club; it comes after an incredible run of stellar hits from King Perryy, including the 2018 Timaya-assisted single "Man On Duty," which amassed more than 2.9 million plays on Spotify alone, and the much loved "On God" track, one of the lead singles from the recently released EP.

"The whole process of releasing the Continental EP has been therapeutic for me, as has my decision to become independent and take ownership of my career," Perryy said in a recent interview.

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 "I've resolved to totally embrace my imagination and gamble on myself." And I am grateful that I can continue to completely discover myself and even allow my admirers to share in my achievement."

It's worth noting that King Perryy's album, Continental Playlist, is the first to be part of the MusicSplit on the ARTSPLIT platform for fans to invest in and profit from streaming royalties, thanks to the collaboration between ARTSPLIT, MAD Solutions, and ENGAGE Partnership.

Artsplit also provides a social media timeline where budding creatives may share their work for exposure and support. It's been branded the "Instagram for creatives," and it has a sizable following in Nigeria, Ghana, South Africa, Europe, and the United Kingdom.

Stream King Perryy's "Tight Condition" with a million other listeners below:

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