Justin Timberlake performs Tyla’s 'Water' at his Memphis concert


It was a show for Africans in Memphis as American singer-songwriter and record producer Justin Timberlake performed Water by South African artist Tyla.

A video was posted to social media where Justin Timberlake was on a raised platform in the middle of the crowd performing the hit South African jam, Water by Tyla. The crowd was extremely excited to hear the song, but what stood out was the recognition of African music by international stars.

Justin Timberlake, aged 42 years, is fondly referred to as the Prince of Pop achieved fame as a member of the hugely successful boy band NSYNC before establishing a career as a solo performer. He has won several Brit, Billboard, Emmy, IheartRadio and even Grammy awards. His recognition of the Pop star, Tyla is very telling of the growth of African Pop music.

Tyla has had an extremely good run this year 202, with the release of Water which placed her on the path of Global stardom. She has currently been nominated for various awards including, the Grammy's, and iHeartRadio. She is also slated to perform at the global stage of Coachella 2024.

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