Joeboy maintains 'no drama' despite Mr. Eazi, Temi Otedola unfollowing him


Nigerian musician, Joeboy, has chosen to maintain peace over drama following reports that his former record label boss, Mr Eazi, and Mr Eazi's wife, Temi Otedola, have unfollowed him on Instagram.

The reasons behind this move remain vague, leaving fans curious about the situation.

The unfollowing incident came to light recently, sparking speculation about potential rifts between Joeboy and the couple. This development follows Joeboy's announcement of his departure from Empawa Africa, the record label owned by Mr Eazi.

Joeboy had previously expressed gratitude towards Mr Eazi for providing him with a platform in the competitive music industry. However, despite the initial amicable tone of his departure, the situation took a turn when it was discovered that Mr Eazi and Temi Otedola had unfollowed him on social media, indicating possible tensions between the parties involved.

The Osadebe crooner took to his Instagram page on Wednesday, February 21, 2024, to post saying, "I’m just here to make good music and sign talented artists. Miss me with all that other drama." This implies that the singer has chosen to focus on his music career and maintaining a positive outlook despite the social media fallout.

As of now, neither Joeboy nor Mr Eazi and Temi Otedola have provided any explanations for the unfollowing incident, leaving fans speculating about the underlying reasons.

With the details of the unfollowing saga still shrouded in mystery, fans are left to wonder about the dynamics between Joeboy and his former label boss, as well as the implications for their professional relationship moving forward.