Wizkid's partner Jada P shuts down marriage talk by fans


Jada P, partner of musician Wizkid, took to Twitter recently to address the marriage pressure surrounding their relationship. 

The social media stir came after a fan inquired, "When are we getting the Ring news?" referring to a potential engagement.

Jada P's response emphasized a long-term perspective on their relationship. She tweeted, "It's a marathon not a race... It truly concerns me how many of you focus on this topic! A majority of you typing away don't have the experience, knowledge or understanding of what it takes to have a happy, healthy & successful marriage that would last forever! I wish u all well tho!".

This isn't the first time Jada P has addressed public scrutiny. The couple has chosen to keep their relationship private, with Jada P previously advocating for privacy and respect for their family unit.

Jada P's tweet has sparked discussions online. Some fans support her stance, highlighting the importance of a strong foundation before marriage. Others express their continued excitement for the couple and their hopes for a future wedding.