Iyanya thanks Calabar for the return of Mayorkun's necklace


Nigerian singer Iyanya has taken to social media to express his gratitude to the people of Calabar for the return of the second diamond chains belonging to his colleague, Mayorkun.

The necklace, which is a bedazzled Mayorkun face was reportedly returned to Hit FM Calabar. Iyanya, visibly appreciative, posted a picture of the retrieved jewelry and thanked the individual who brought it back. 

This heartwarming development comes days after Mayorkun's public declaration of dissatisfaction following the reported theft. Mayorkun had performed at the Calabar Festival on Monday night when he was robbed of two of his expensive jewelry.

The 'Betty Butter' crooner had vowed never to return to the state again and sent a message to other artists who would be performing at their festivals, wishing them good luck. However, Iyanya, who is a native of Cross River, offered to compensate anybody who could retrieve the stolen pendants or had information about how to get them back.

Iyanya took to his social media platform today, December 21, 2023 to share the news of the return of one of the necklaces and expressed his gratitude to the individual who brought it back.

With this development, Iyanya shared that the necklace was returned to Hit FM before crossing hands before finally getting to him in Calabar.