Iyanya narrates how a social media fan inspired his latest album


Afrobeat sensation Iyanya narrated how a social media fan inspired the title of his latest album.

Nigerian sensation Iyanya released his latest album, Once Upon A Cat in February 2024. Many fans and people have been wondering about the true meaning behind the title of his latest album. The album title was odd and many kept wondering how he came up with it. During an interview on Naija FM, Iyanya discussed the inspiration behind his album title and his decision to collaborate with emerging artists.

He revealed that a comment from a social media user sparked the album's title. This comment came amidst a trend in the classification of artists in Nigeria. Recall that Davido referred to Burna Boy as a part of the new wave of Afrobeats stars, alongside Rema and Asake. This led to discussions among fans about who qualifies as a new or old cat in the industry. In response, one user humorously remarked that Iyanya was once upon a cat.

Iyanya explained that this comment resonated with him and his team, leading them to choose it as the album title. Once Upon A Cat features a lineup of emerging talents such as Moonlight Afriqa, Tee Dollar, Qing Madi, M3lon, Pawwz, and Young Duu, among others. The decision to showcase these artists stemmed from Iyanya's desire to spotlight their talents.

Furthermore, Iyanya gave a shoutout to Ubi Franklin(his longtime friend and associate) for coming up with the idea to feature all the new generation Nigerian artists. He hinted at his plans to remix his classic hits and compile them into an album.

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