'If my children ask who helped me, I’d mention Olamide before my mother' – Bella Shmurda reveals


Popular Nigerian singer, Bella Shmurda, has spoken out about the significant role played by legendary rapper, Olamide in fostering the careers of newer artists in the music industry.

In an interview that surfaced online on Tuesday, April 2, 2024, the Loner crooner expressed deep respect for Olamide, crediting him as a guiding light for many young artists striving to establish themselves.

Bella Shmurda emphasized Olamide's unwavering commitment to assisting budding talents despite his own international acclaim. According to the singer, Olamide has played a pivotal role in positioning emerging artists for success within their respective music niches.

The singer went on to express his profound gratitude towards Olamide, stating that if his children were to inquire about individuals who have truly helped him in life, Olamide's name would be at the forefront even before his own mother. Bella Shmurda further asserted his belief that Olamide surpasses all others in terms of support and influence in the music industry.

Highlighting Olamide's enduring commitment to African music, Bella Shmurda commended the YBNL boss as the only internationally recognized artist who continues to actively support African music awards. He called upon African artists to show greater respect for the Afrobeat genre and urged international artists to appreciate and support African music awards, regardless of their Grammy accolades.

Bella Shmurda's remarks showacase the pivotal role played by Olamide in nurturing emerging talent and advocating for the recognition of African music on a global scale.