'If I stop making music, my name will still be in the afrobeats bible'- Rema


After his successful performance at the 2023 Ballon D'Or award ceremony Afrobeats award winning artist Rema had an interview with I-D magazine in which he revealed that his influence in the Afrobeats genre would make him a legend in the genre.

During his recent interview with the British magazine I-D, Nigerian singer Rema confidently asserted that his impact on the success of Afrobeats could secure him a well-deserved place in an Afrobeats bible, should such a book ever come into existence.

The International Afrobeat star said, “I’m not saying I want to stop. But if I say I want to stop right now, my name is still going to be on the Afrobeats bible, if there is an Afrobeats bible to be dropped. I’ll literally be in the New Testament, on the front page.”

Afrobeats is evolving uniquely, with African musicians now achieving remarkable success, selling out stadiums and performing in countries where afrobeats was previously unfamiliar. For instance, Rema performed at the 2023 Ballon d'Or ceremony, Burna Boy was the first African artist to sell out the Madison Square Garden and Tems co-writing 'Lift me Up' for Rihanna shows that the African music genre has gone beyond its scope.

Rema hinted at his plans and the vision he has of himself saying, “The clearest vision I have right now is that I will open so many new territories to Afrobeats. That’s the vision for me: opening doors, creating bridges. I’m the bridge to a lot of undone things".

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