"I Promised Myself To Attend Pepsi Rhythm Unplugged Only If I'm Performing" - TJAN


Nigerian RnB singer, Tjan has revealed that he had promised himself to never attend any Pepsi Rhythm Unplugged except he is to perform.

This truth was revealed during his interview on BeatFM where the singer was talking about his upcoming performance at the Rhythm Unplugged where he'll be performing with a live band that is being orchestrated by Cobhams Asuquo who Tjan is super excited to work on this with considering the fact that his songs are produced by Cobhams Asuquo.

When asked if these words of not attending except he's performing doesn't sound like he's being proud, he quickly corrected the notion, making it known that he didn't intend it to sound that way. To Tjan, making that promise is his own way of aspiring and dreaming big because according to him, this promise he made was even before "Your Smile" "Aduke" and every other song we love him for. He stated that he made the promise while he was still in the university and on a lighter note, he probably made the promise because he didn't have the money for the ticket... yeah right! "Mr humbility".

He went further to state that performing at the upcoming Rhythm Unplugged is a real privilege for him, a privilege he truly appreciates and we are looking forward to the magic he'll be creating with Cobhams tomorrow, 22nd of December.