"I feel I'm here to change the world..." - Rema

Rema Mavin Afrobeat


Mavin new artiste, Rema has revealed he is not in the music industry to play, he is here to change the game and as he said "change the world...".


This was revealed during an interview on HOTfm where the Dumebi singer revealed that aside from the excitement that comes with being signed to Mavin Records, he feels he's in the Nigerian music industry to change the world.

His statement about changing the world was made in response to the presenter, Uche Sensei, who asked Rema how he feels being signed to one of the biggest Record labels in Nigeria that is home to stars such as Korede Bello and Dija.

Rema had responded with

Despite the "life-changing" part, I also feel I'm here to change the world. There's a lot to be changed and there's a lot we have to do. We have to push Afrobeat forward, we have to fight for trap music, hip hop music in Nigeria. We have to break the law of barriers and It's not just about me, it's not just about the money, it's not just about babe, it's about pushing Nigeria and Africa forward and upward.

When asked if there is any pressure in releasing hits back to back, he said;

No, no pressure. By the time you let that pressure in it takes a hold of you

Rema's songs have so far accumulated one million audio streams on Spotify and Apple music in just two weeks.



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