'I cannot date a jobless girl' - Ruger reveals his kind of girl


Popular Nigerian singer, Ruger has talked about relationships and his kind of girl on an episode on the Bahd & Boujee podcast.

In the video of the interview that surfaced online on Saturday, March 16, 2024, the Bounce crooner said he prefers dating people with jobs and does not want to be with someone who does not work.

Ruger mentioned that he enjoys taking his girlfriend on trips. He once went on a month-long tour with her. When asked why they did not go for the full six months, Ruger said it was because his girlfriend had a job and could not take that much time off.

During the interview, Ruger refused to talk about how much money he has in his bank account.

Fans have been talking about Ruger's comments on relationships and jobs. Some agree with him, while others have different opinions. Ruger's words have sparked discussions about love, work, and what matters in relationships.