Here's why Fireboy DML now smokes despite singing against it


Popular Nigerian singer, Fireboy DML has sparked discussions online after addressing his decision to embrace cannabis, commonly known as weed, despite previously singing against it in his lyrics.

The talented artist, known for his introspective and emotive songs, opened up about his personal growth and evolving perspectives, shedding light on the factors that led to his shift in stance regarding cannabis consumption.

The revelation emerged amidst a social media exchange triggered by apparent contradictions in Fireboy's lyrics. Fans had raised questions about the contrast between his assertion of not "blowing trees" in one song and the reference to rolling one in another.

Addressing the inquiries from fans, YBNL artiste took to X to provide clarity. In his tweets on Sunday, May 12, 2024, he delved into the concept of personal growth and how individuals undergo changes over time, leading to shifts in beliefs and behaviors.

In his own words, Fireboy expressed, "People change, Lucee," indicating a recognition of the fluidity of human experiences and perspectives.

The artist's candid response has sparked further discussions among fans and observers, prompting reflections on the nature of personal evolution and the complexities of navigating public perceptions in the spotlight.