Gyakie shares how heartbreak inspired her new song


It's a well-known fact that artists often draw inspiration from their emotions and experiences. Gyakie is no exception to this. The Ghanaian artist recently disclosed that her latest single was born from a profoundly devastating heartbreak.

Talented songstress Gyakie unveiled her newest track, December, on April 5th, much to the delight of her fans. Sharing the genesis of her inspiration, Gyakie disclosed that the song stemmed from heartbreak experienced with someone she held dear. During an interview, she expressed how the raw emotions she felt while in Paris fueled the creation of this heartfelt melody.

In an interview on TV3's New Day program, the Ghanaian singer, bore her soul. She spoke about the inspiration behind her latest chart-topper, December. Gyakie confessed that the song was born from the a painful heartbreak. She revealed that every lyric was a direct reflection of her emotions during that time.

"This song was supposed to drop December last year. It is fully broken heart. It's actually one of the songs I wrote when I was in one of my sad moments, and I wrote it in Paris. Every word in the song is literally direct. A special someone disappointed me. When you sing and read the lyrics of the song you will understand it." Gyakie revealed.

The songstress shared that December was initially slated for release in December 2023. However, it was postponed to ensure her breakout hit, Rent Free, had the opportunity to resonate fully with Ghanaian audiences.