Ghanaian-British artist Raye breaks record at 2024 BRITs Awards


Ghanaian-British singer-songwriter Raye made history at the 2024 BRIT Awards, breaking the record for most awards won in one night.

She surpassed the previous record of 4 held collectively by Harry Styles (2023), Adele (2016) and Blur (1995). This is huge especially as she is not a global superstar like Harry Styles and Adele.

She won a staggering six awards, the most wins of any artist in a single ceremony. Raye's dominance was undeniable, as she took home the coveted awards for Artist of the Year, Album of the Year for My 21st Century Blues, and Song of the Year for her TikTok breakout Escapism. Additionally, she secured wins in the British Female Solo Artist, Best Pop/R&B Act, and Songwriter of the Year categories.

This remarkable achievement is a testament to Raye's undeniable talent and relentless hard work. Having spent years honing her craft, she has emerged as a leading voice in British music, captivating audiences with her powerful vocals and emotionally charged lyrics.

Speaking on stage after receiving her Artist of the Year award, Raye expressed her overwhelming gratitude, stating: "This is especially overwhelming... Thank you so much to the BRITs, thank you to my team, my sisters, my best friend... This is wild!" When receiving her Album of the Year award, she sobbed saying "You just don’t understand what this means to me. … I’m ugly-crying on national television. All I ever wanted to be was an artist. And now I’m an artist with an album of the year.

Raye's success at the BRITs reflects the growing appreciation for her artistry and the important role she plays in shaping the contemporary music landscape, especially for Ghanaians.