Frank Edwards discourages fan's risky trek to meet him


Gospel singer, Frank Edwards has dissuaded an ardent fan from undertaking a potentially perilous journey on foot from Abeokuta, Ogun State, to Lagos State solely to meet him.

The admirer, expressing deep affection for Edwards' music, had pledged to visit the singer at his Lagos residence.

Taking to Instagram to address the situation on Thursday, December 14, Edwards promptly informed the individual that such an endeavor was unnecessary, as he is presently residing outside the country.

The artist, known for celebrating Pastor Chris Oyakilome's birthday last year, expressed his perplexity at individuals putting their lives in jeopardy without valid cause.

The singer voiced his bewilderment at the notion of individuals jeopardizing their lives without a discernible rationale.

He wrote, “In as much as I appreciate you all. I see no reason why anyone will encourage anyone to walk from Abeokuta to Lagos!! It is unhealthy! It is risky!! It is stressful!! WHAT EXACTLY IS THE REASON? I DO NOT SUPPORT IT!! I am not even available. Or are you saying I should fly back to Nigeria to come and wait at Lagos expressway? It makes no sense!! I don’t want to encourage it and have more people doing it and getting their lives in danger.”

Notably, Edwards, adamantly stated his refusal to endorse or encourage any action that may compromise an individual's well-being.

Despite a fan suggesting financial assistance in the comments, Edwards firmly declined, reiterating his stance against endorsing such potentially hazardous endeavors.