Fireboy DML gives hard advice to newer music talent


Ahead of his upcoming album, Nigerian music star Fireboy DML sat down with Brook Asther of Office Magazine.

In his interview, he shared some insightful advice for aspiring artists. While initially hesitant to dish out advice, Fireboy emphasized the importance of developing a unique sound.

"Finding your sound is the beginning of everything," he stated. "It doesn't start with chasing favors or connections.Whoever's gonna help you, they have to see something in you first. You gotta put in the work, there's nothing for them to see otherwise."

Fireboy went on to highlight the dedication required to carve a path in the music industry. "The game is a very jealous bitch," he said with a laugh. "Music is very jealous. I had to sacrifice a lot of dreams to become who I am today. That's one thing that's always been constant: music is selfish. You have to give in, you have to be ready to sacrifice almost everything to have it."

Fireboy (left) Excerpt of Fireboy’s interview with the Office Magazine (right)

Despite the challenges, Fireboy assures aspiring artists that commitment ultimately pays off. "As long as you do that," he explained, "everything else will fall in place - the money, the fame, the investors, the backing, the support, the fans - everything else will fall in place. Find your sound."

Fireboy's message is clear: develop a unique sound, put in the hard work, and be prepared for the sacrifices necessary to succeed in the music industry.