“Brymo Will Live To Regret This…” Fans Slam Brymo After Tribalistic Views Ahead Of Elections


Singer Brymo has come under fire from fans following his controversial and questionable tribalistic views ahead of the 2023 presidential elections.

Brymo 2023 Elections

Fans of singer Brymo have slammed the singer following shocking, controversial and questionable comments made by the singer from a tribalistic point of view. The singer had shared in different posts on his social media platform from the 31st of December 2022 why he would not vote for the presidential candidate. From the posts shared, fans were able to deduce that the comments and his reasons for not selecting a specific candidate had been tribally motivated.

Brymo also confirmed this in a series of tweets, some of which read:

Maybe… yet I would not pick to near make sure of that … and since the south-west unites us all, Lagos for precision !!…come rain or shine… lol… BAT is … NVM!!.. there’ll be no anarchy.. and the east hurts enough for all to shake when power goes there, plus these matters.

Don’t respect my intelligence nor choices… you are trying to not accept resolve… argue more then… pls …. It is not prudent to elect him yet, he may have to vividly organise his home-front to lead rest of us… an Igbo VP first maybe to test the waters with the region is safer!

These views prompted his fans, who all happen to be from different tribes in the country react negatively to this point of view, especially in a country like Nigeria, which has witnessed ethnic-motivated clashes in the past.

Here are some of the reactions from his fans below:

Brymo 2023 Elections
Brymo 2023 Elections
Brymo 2023 Elections

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