Falz slams government over minimum wage negotiations


Nigerian rapper and singer, Falz has expressed his disappointment and frustration with the government's handling of the minimum wage negotiations with the Nigerian Labour Congress and Trade Union Congress.

In an exclusive interview with, Falz criticized the government's response to the labour unions' demands, stating that it was "heartless" and "not compassionate".

In his words, "It shouldn't have taken the NLC or whoever is involved to shut down the whole country for the government to know that the people deserve more than that. I think it is heartless, not compassionate."

Falz questioned the legitimacy of the government, asking if it truly represents the people. He also expressed his disappointment that the government did not take action until the labour unions went on strike, shutting down the country's infrastructure.

"Everyone was hoping that they would enter and surprise us, but they didn't. Well, it's not surprising of this government. We know how they got in power. A legitimate government is one that the people accept as their representation. Can you say this is a legitimate government?,” He stated.

The singer's comments come as the government and labour unions continue to negotiate a new minimum wage, with the unions reducing their demand from N494,000 to N250,000 and the government proposing a wage of N62,000.