Falz reflects on relationships with Simi, Adekunle Gold


Nigerian rapper, Folarin Falana, known as Falz, has opened up about his close relationships with colleagues Simi and her husband, Adekunle Gold.

Falz, who entered the music scene in 2009, fueled rumors about his love life with the release of his collaborative EP Chemistry with Simi in 2016. These speculations were put to rest when Simi married singer Adekunle Gold on January 9, 2019, in Lagos. The couple welcomed their first child, Adejare, in 2020.

Falz recently released an EP titled Before The Feast, featuring a track with Adekunle Gold called Who Go Pay. Additionally, he released a single, Borrow Me Your Baby, with Simi.

During his album listening party, Falz shared insights into his evolving relationship with the couple. He explained that he was initially closer to Simi due to their frequent collaborations but has grown closer to Adekunle Gold over time.

"I was closer to Simi at the time that we were working a lot together than Adekunle Gold. But as time passed, obviously, they got married and started a family. Somehow, I even got closer to Adekunle than Simi. I have a great relationship with both of them," Falz said.

Addressing the past romance rumors with Simi, Falz remarked, "We knew what we were doing since, na una dey ginger everything. The audience always pushes the narrative that they want. They wanted us to be in love. So we, too, said we were in love."

When asked about his current love life, Falz revealed that he is still single but hopeful about the future. "There is nothing to hear. I am still a single man. I am working on it. I think this year might be my year," he shared.