Eva Alordiah Talks About Her Battle With Depression And How She Bounced Back | See Reactions


Nigerian female rapper, Eva Alordiah has come out to give full details regarding how she battled depression three years ago and eventually bounced back.

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Eva Alordiah in a series of mind-blowing tweets on the 19th of March, talked about she was broke, depressed and pissed with her existence. She disclosed that at a point she felt she was living a lie and lost touch with reality and who she was. According to Eva Alordiah, she began communing with her inner mind in order to identify herself, learning about ego and the need to prove to herself that she would be able to live without depending on music or what she was known for (rapper). See Eva Alordiah’s tweets below;

Eva Alordiah Songs Eva Alordiah. Depression

Eva continued her story by revealing that in 2020 she focused on learning how to earn money online by becoming a content creator. She further stated that she earned the whopping sum of 17 million naira within nine months of her being a content creator on Instagram. Eva talked about being happy to do music at her convenience and not fully depending on it to make a living. Below are her tweets;


Eva Alordiah. Depression Eva Alordiah. Depression Eva Alordiah fighting depression Eva Alordiah fighting depression

Below are reactions to Eva Alordiah’s tweets about fighting depression and overcoming it;

Eva Alordiah. Depression Eva Alordiah. Depression Eva Alordiah. Depression Eva Alordiah. Depression