#EndSARS: Watch Wizkid explain hashtag to international audience


Nigerian multi-award winning artiste, Wizkid was spotted on Afrozon, explaining the EndSARS hashtag to the international audience.

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Superstar Wizkid

Wizkid was spotted in a virtual interview with Shiela on Afrozon on the 10th of October 2020, educating the international audience on the ongoing crises within Nigeria.

Starboy” as he is also referred to, explained why the police unit ‘SARS’ was created and discussed the atrocities they commit. He further expressed how hard Nigeria is for the average citizen and why he believes SARS should be abolished. In reference to the #blacklivesmatters movement, Wizkid narrates how police brutality is on the rise in Nigeria. In his words:

In recent times, we are seeing something that is a little bit continuous, Police brutality, harassment of young youths back home, and even killing of young youths for no reason whatsoever. This are youths already dealing with pressing issues. We already have it hard, there's no 24 hours electricity back home, the roads are bad and the government is not doing anything about it, and we have to still be scared for our lives.

Watch interview: