#ENDSARS: Burna Boy Opens Up About Living With The Trauma Of Lekki Tollgate Massacre


Self acclaimed African Giant, burna boy has opened up on the trauma he’s dealing with from the Lekki Tollgate massacre which happened on the 20th of October 2020.

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Burna Boy released his fifth album 'Twice As Tall' on August 14th. | Photo by Daniel Obasi for NY Times

The afrobeats singer, on the 24th October,2020 stated that he hasn’t been able to get a proper sleep after the event of that sad night as he can not stop seeing “Lekki tollgate” whenever he tries to close his eyes. He tweeted;

I have not slept since 20/10/2020. I close my eyes and all I see is Lekki toll gate. I’ve seen a lot of Violence and death in my Life but this is the one that has Traumatized me.

This is the reality of many Nigerians who were directly affected even when the experience was direct like DJ Switch and the other people on the hunting field that night, or the indirect experience of many of us who watched the Instagram Live video via DJ Switch’s account.