Enaky wants to keep making evergreen music  


If there is anything to fawn over within Nigeria’s music community, it’s the influx of female musicians stretching the country’s legacy one octave at a time.

Joining this elite league of newcomers is the Bayelsan chanteuse, Enaky, whose rhythms rest in the annals of evergreen records. 

I might be young, but I am not scared at all. I’m already putting my all in and I’m encouraged by the fact that this is the era of more young people making an impact in the global entertainment scene.

Spinning among music circles with her recently released song, “Family”, Enaky’s emotive lyricism blends smoothly with her charming vocalisation. It’s an effortless listen, helping one sustain a mood, like a baby’s grip. Apart from being a recipe for catharsis, Enaky’s music is also adorned with a didactic feel, leaving no confusion over the ‘substance’ of her artistry. 

On what’s next for her, the Bayelsan Chanteuse said she wants to keep creating music that stands the test of time. “I want to make catalogues of emotive songs that people can always lean on. I always keep it honest and straight from the heart.”

Signed to NSB Entertainment, Enaky is a voice of impact and her evergreen melodies continue to prop her above her peers, giving the Bayelsan chanteuse a chance to always stand out.