ECool Welcomes New Baby Girl with Wife


Nigerian musician and premium disc jockey, ECool, revealed via Instagram posts that he just welcomed a new baby girl with his wife yesterday.

ECool shared a sneak peek of the baby girl via his stories and revealed he was in the delivery room with his wife when she was being born. He disclosed this via his Instagram page on Monday, the 2nd of August 2021.

ECool Welcomes New Baby Girl with Wife Instagram NotjustOK

ECool and Wife

He is also very close with the DMW crew and is Davido's own personal DJ shared that being in the delivery room reminded him that he was not yet a man until that moment. ECool revealed that he had been having sleepless nights prior to the birth of his baby girl and describes his wife as a strong woman. In his words;

I've been having sleepless nights!! Chai!! Who send me oooo

All the while I thought I was a man but nahh not until u been in that delivery room, then you become one

Anyway, let me save you the long talk. All I know is women are very strong to be honestly honest.

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ECool also revealed that he will post more photos of his new baby girl tomorrow. We can't wait to see her beautiful face.


ECool Welcomes New Baby Girl with Wife Instagram NotjustOK

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