Dunsin Oyekan reveals why he performs for free at events


Music minister, Dunsin Oyekan has shed light on his unique approach to performing at events, revealing his reasons for not charging for his performances.

During a brief interview with content creator, Timi Agbaje that surfaced online today, Tuesday, April 2, 2024, Agbaje inquired about Oyekan's pre-performance rituals, prompting a discussion on how secular musicians often turn to alcohol to get into the right mood. Oyekan shared that, instead, he relies on prayer and speaking in tongues to align himself with the spirit before singing.

When questioned about whether gospel artists should charge for performing at events, Oyekan offered a thoughtful response. He emphasized that the decision ultimately depends on the consecration of the musician. While some artists may feel compelled to charge, Oyekan explained that his personal consecration guides him to perform for free.

Maintaining his stance, Oyekan reiterated that he chooses not to charge for his performances. Despite this decision, he expressed gratitude for the blessings he continues to receive from the Lord.

Oyekan's dedication to his craft and his commitment to honoring his consecration serve as a testament to his unwavering faith and values within the gospel music industry.