Don Jazzy reveals how he advised Davido to name his 4th studio album 'Timeless'


Music mogul and producer Don Jazzy has shared more insights on how he advised Davido to name his fourth studio album, 'Timeless.'

The music mogul in a live podcast with Zero Condition revealed that the 30 BG boss had reached out to him regarding the project and he proceeded to advice the singer to name the project Timeless in which David agreed to.

Don Jazzy stated that as at that time he was uncertain if Davido had actually agreed in the serious or joking sense to name his fourth studio album Timeless but when the project was announced he finally got the confirmation.

The Don went on to add that he was unsure of how to react when the announcement dropped but when David reached out to let him know this had been because of his advice he was once again reassured.

Davido had initially been the first person to reveal that Don Jazzy had advised him on the name to give his fourth studio album whilst hinting that the deluxe project is currently in the works.