DJ Cuppy unveils exclusive tale behind hit song, sparks viral challenge


Nigerian Disc Jockey, Florence Ifeoluwa Otedola, also known as DJ Cuppy, has once again captured the public's attention as she shares the intriguing backstory of one of her chart-topping songs.

The viral clip in question unfolds a fascinating narrative of creativity at 15,000 feet above ground, providing insight into the genesis of one of her most significant musical creations.

In the video she posted on Instagram on Wednesday, December 27, DJ Cuppy recounts being on one of her father's private jets, accompanied by the talented beatmaker, Killertunes. The creative spark for the song struck her while having a meal of Jollof rice.

The Billionaire heiress, known for her dynamic and innovative approach to music, revealed that the inception of the track involved a playful collaboration with Killertunes. The duo, while dancing and grooving, thought of the sound that would later become a musical sensation.

In her words, "A lot of people have also asked me where the jollof on the jet idea came from. I kid you not, there's no humble way of saying this. I was on a private jet eating jollof rice and I was with the producer at the time. Shoutout to Killertunes. We were sat across each other. I was like Killertunes, like, jollof on the jet. And then I was like, I need to make a song about it. We were laughing like ah, jollof on the jet."

In an attempt to take the creative process to the next level, DJ Cuppy decided to share the idea with the talented artist, Rema, who promptly embraced the idea and sent his verse to the composition.

Cuppy also reached out to Tanzanian singer, Rayvanny, who responded with an impressive Swahili verse, adding a multicultural dimension to the song.

"Then I just got this crazy idea like let me send it to Rema and I sent it to Rema and he was like, Girl you dey ginger me. Then, I was like it needs an actual spice and I had just heard about this amazing Prince of East Africa, Rayvanny, sent it to him. There was a lot of DMing going on. Like DMing is how the whole project happened. DMed it to Rayvanny and Rayvanny was like, I was the song and he sent something in Swahili. Can't lie, I don't know what he said but it's good stuff. And that's how the record came together," She said.

Expressing her astonishment at the song's unexpected resurgence, DJ Cuppy, in the viral clip, reflects on the journey of the track from its lighthearted creation to its current prominence. In response to the growing interest and enthusiasm surrounding the song, Cuppy has initiated a challenge, further engaging her audience and fostering a sense of community among her fans. She has urged her fans to jump on the 'Jollof on the Jet' challenge.

This revelation comes at a crucial point in DJ Cuppy's career, as she seems ready to re-enter the music scene following the recent dissolution of her engagement to UK boxer, Ryan Taylor.

"I have so much planned for you guys," She said.

Fans are eagarly anticipating the artist's return to the spotlight to witness the creative evolution and musical endeavors of the talented DJ in the coming months.