DJ Cuppy shares her beauty secret


Renowned disc jockey, Florence Otedola, popularly known as DJ Cuppy, has shared her transformative journey of self-discovery and inner beauty.

While in a post on X, the billionaire heiress expressed that she has never felt more beautiful. She attributed her newfound beauty to her deepened faith.

Meanwhile, DJ Cuppy, who recently got baptized, revealed that her spiritual journey has taught her that true beauty extends beyond physical appearance, encompassing inner peace, purpose, and self-worth.

Additionally, her post read, "I'm the most beautiful I've ever been! … By embracing my faith, I've realised that being beautiful is actually about inner peace, purpose, and self worth, not just appearances. My spiritual glow is now so bright, that it radiates outward."

Lastly, this heartfelt revelation has inspired fans and followers, showcasing the power of faith and self-reflection in achieving inner beauty and peace.

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