DJ Cuppy reveals what she brings to the table in a relationship


Popular DJ and entrepreneur DJ Cuppy has ignited a social media conversation with her latest post on what she brings to the table in a relationship.

Cuppy shared a meme featuring the question "What do you bring to the table?" followed by an image of a pink bible. She resposted the meme on her Instagram story. Recall DJ Cuppy has been single and pursuing degrees since her breakup.

The meme's interpretation has sparked discussion among Cuppy's followers. Some interpret it literally, suggesting Cuppy prioritizes her Christian faith in a relationship. Others view it more symbolically, with the bible representing values like strong morals, good character, or a commitment to self-improvement.

Cuppy has yet to elaborate on the meaning behind the meme. This has led to a range of reactions, with some praising her for highlighting the importance of faith and values, while others find it cryptic or even humorous.