'Did I pull an Omah Lay on your girl? Because I can' - Burna Boy teases fan


Nigerian music icon, Burna Boy has surprised fans with an unexpected exchange that dominated the spotlight during his recent performance.

In a video circulating online as of Monday, March 4, 2024, the artist interrupted his set to confront a fan whose peculiar behavior caught his attention.

As Burna Boy commanded the spotlight, he could not help but notice a fan who seemed to be staring at him with an unusual intensity throughout the show.

Taking a playful yet direct approach, Burna Boy engaged with the fan, questioning him about his seemingly focused gaze. In a humorous exchange, the artist asked the fan if he had "pulled an Omah Lay" on his girlfriend, referencing a viral moment from fellow Nigerian singer, Omah Lay's performance where he danced intensely with another man's partner.

In a lighthearted manner, Burna Boy assured the fan that he could do so, jokingly advising him to start smiling before potentially losing his girlfriend's attention.

In his words, "So tell me why this guy has been looking at me like this the whole show. Ehn, Did I pull and Omah Lay on your girl? Because I can. So start smiling more before you lose her."

The incident adds another memorable moment to Burna Boy's dynamic performances, showcasing not only his musical prowess but also his ability to engage with his audience in unexpected ways.