Did Brymo Shade Burna Boy? Check Out Heated Conversation On Twitter



Did Brymo Shade Burna Boy? Check Out Heated Conversation On Twitter

Brymo has been trending on Twitter throughout today. What happened? The artist, who's known to make bold statements on the perceived greatness of his person and artistry, found an enemy in many Twitter users, who thinks him too boastful and not as great as he says he is.

A heated back and forth has seen Bry reply to many dissenting comments, giving them a gbos for every gbas. Yellow, the artist's latest album, was one which came under a lot of scrutiny, for some lyrics off it, and more.

Brymo maintaining his greatness, has consistently called on his admirable achievements, his success on a less-traveled path. If I'm pressed to give an opinion on this, I'd say that Brymo, with a catalog the stuff of legends, is one of the greater artists of his generation, popular acclaim or not. With his detractors quick to bring up the names of mainstream acts like Wizkid, Davido, and the African Giant, Burna (who the Yellow artist seemed to be subbing in a tweet), it is worth saying to them that not all revolutions are televised.

Brymo Tweets that shades

Below are some of the tweets between Brymo and Twitter peeps who've sparked a conversation that should be insightful and beneficial to talk extensively about.


Even as more people come for the head of Brymo, his cult of fans have spoken up for the quality of his music.

The conversation still continues on Twitter, where Brymo and everyone else, friend or foe, seems to have disses and clap backs for days. We watch.

Do you think Brymo is shading Burna boy, or its just what it is, a rant? Drop your comment below