Depression Helped Me Rediscover Myself - Eva Alordiah


The talented female emcee recalled how depression led to her awakening.

Eva Alordiah Depression
Eva Alordiah

Nigerian rapper, podcaster, and entreprenuer, Eva Alordiah, has opened up about how depression made her rediscover herself.

The talanted artiste, who has been away from the music scene for a while, made it known that she battled deep depression for a long time but was able to use it as a tool to discover other positive things about herself.

The femcee took to Twitter to share a series of tweets about her experience, how she survived, and to announce that she is back in the studio making music. Part of her tweet read: 

5 years ago I gave up my dream of becoming the greatest female rapper in Africa. I was suffering a deep, dark depression. Today I own a Tech Start-up, I have new life & I’m Recording again! Here’s what I have learned about giving up your dreams, Depression & Finding yourself

You are an Artist, You are NOT your Art. Over the years I had become identified with what I did —Eva The Rapper - I didn’t know myself beyond that. It has taken years of persistent introspection, meditation & patience to know myself and stand apart from my work.

I now understand the Depression as a Spiritual experience- a shedding of old layers, the stripping away of illusion, a coming face to face with all that isn’t so I can see what IS I am not my thoughts, I am not my Body. I am not my accomplishments. I AM

The Depression was the pathway to my Awakening. It forced me to give up who I thought I was, to block off everyone else and their dogmas, and to accept a state of nothingness. I found peace when I accepted myself as No thing, No one, No me.

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