Dele Momodu speaks on Davido-Sophia custody battle


Media mogul Dele Momodu has spoken on the custody battle between his niece, Sophia Momodu, and Davido, regarding their daughter, Imade.

Momodu's statement comes after Davido filed for joint custody. This reportedly surprised Momodu as they had recently spoken and Davido never mentioned any custody issues.

Momodu claims to have intervened in the past to ensure a smooth co-parenting relationship and settle financial disagreements over school fees, accommodation, and nannies. He credits Davido's father for resolving the school fees and gifting a car to Imade.

The sticking point seems to be accommodation. While Davido's father offered an apartment, Sophia declined due to privacy concerns as an unmarried woman. She reportedly requested Davido contribute half towards their current residence.

Momodu emphasizes the importance of prioritizing Imade's well-being and avoiding a public match. He revealed that the court has referred the case to alternative dispute resolution and urged both parties to engage constructively.

Sophia reportedly hasn't restricted Davido's access to Imade. He says as long as the nanny is present, per Imade's request. Momodu also cited instances where Sophia facilitated playtime between Imade and Davido's relatives.

The mogul concludes by urging both parties to avoid inflammatory media statements. He then asked them to prioritize a structured, safe environment for Imade.