Davido talks about 'Timeless' album and the growth of Afrobeats in new interview


Nigerian music sensation Davido recently sat down with ABC News for an insightful conversation about the remarkable growth of Afrobeats and the artistic influences that have shaped his own music career.

During the interview with Indian American journalist Reena Roy, he shared valuable insights into his music journey and what drives his latest album, Timeless.

Davido revealed that his musical journey was heavily influenced by Western culture, citing artists like 50 Cent, Ludacris, and Nelly as his early inspirations.

He also reminisced about his introduction to Afrobeats at the age of 15, which ignited his passion for artists like Psquare, Dbanj, and 2face.

The artist noted the dramatic changes in the music industry, highlighting how the promotion of songs has evolved from distributing thousands of CDs to the instant, digital success that artists can achieve today.

He said, “You can’t compare six to seven years ago to now. I remember the music process then, it takes you months to promote a song. I remember me and my manager, we shared like 5000 CD’s going everywhere, parties trying to promote. Whereas now you can be in your dorm room in college and create a song and have a challenge and the next day you wake up and you’re a millionaire. (cis )”

To end, Davido expressed that his latest album, ‘Timeless,’ was driven by a desire for artistic freedom. Davido has been making waves with his VMA nomination and is even set to host a Nigerian Concert.