Davido shows off his collection of expensive jewelry in new video


Renowned Nigerian artist, Davido, has revealed that he absolutely loves expensive jewelry and has been spending millions of naira to add them to his collection.

In an exclusive interview with the prestigious British magazine, British GQ on Wednesday, January 3, 2024, the Grammy nominee showcased a dazzling collection of expensive jewelry and shared the significance each piece holds for him.

Davido proudly presented two Rolexes, a Patex, his Timeless diamond piece, and a unique frog chain during the interview.

The father of twins disclosed that the Timeless Diamond Chain was crafted in honor of his Grammy-nominated album.

In the recording, Davido explained the story behind his frog chain, revealing that it was inspired by comments on Twitter about his hoarse voice. Embracing the humor, he decided to recreate it in the form of a chain, turning a playful social media observation into a fashionable statement.

Discussing another meaningful piece, a chain featuring the image of a child, the artist expressed that it was created as a tribute to his daughter.

Each jewelry item in Davido's collection tells a unique story, reflecting his personal experiences, achievements, and the playful side of his personality.