Davido Reveals Desire To Spend Eternity With Chioma


DMW boss, Davido, is about to break the internet with his song, Assurance, which is coming just after his romantic gesture where he was seen professing his love to his longtime girlfriend, Chioma, a girl that has recently caught the attention of social media.

To show his love and appreciation for his girlfriend, the singer had sealed his lover's 23rd birthday with a new single and a 45 million Naira Porsche, a sign of his love and assurance for Chioma.

This seems to be an act to show the world that Chioma is not just another girl, rather she is a special girl and he is not scared to open his heart completely and totally to her as he has resigned to spend his life in the arms of Chioma.

To drive this point home, Davido while celebrating Chioma's birthday stated that he's not one of those guys that are scared to show their women love, áfterwhich he went further to tweet;

"Show love to your lady ❤️ that’s the real assurance challenge"

Although some people believe this confession is too sudden from Davido as most are just hearing about Chioma but Davido replied the fan stating that he has been dating Chioma for five years and if that is too small, then it is indeed sudden.

Assurance video is already a hit fans are jamming and from the way things are going, this song and the events leading to it will be on people's lips for a long time.