Davido responds after Kai Cenat asked why everyone loves him


During a grand tour of Lagos, Nigerian music icon, Davido engaged in a candid conversation with renowned YouTuber, Kai Cenat, who is currently enjoying his stay in Nigeria.

As they traversed the bustling streets of Lagos, Kai Cenat could not help but express his curiosity about the overwhelming adoration Nigerians harbor for Davido.

In a video shared online earlier today, Tuesday, March 12, 2024, Kai Cenat shared his observations of people joyously shouting Davido's nickname "OBO" and clamoring to catch a glimpse of the superstar. Intrigued by the magnitude of affection Davido receives, Kai Cenat questioned the source of this immense love. He said, "Why does everyone loves you so much Davido?"

In response, Davido wore a characteristic smile and described it as "natural love." The singer's simple yet profound acknowledgment hinted at the genuine connection he shares with his fans, suggesting that his widespread appeal is rooted in an authentic bond forged over time.

As Kai Cenat continues to explore the vibrant culture of Lagos, his encounter with Davido sheds light on the profound impact the artist has on the hearts of Nigerians, reaffirming Davido's status as a beloved figure in the country's music landscape.