Davido invites Kanye West to Puma after Adidas feud


Nigerian megastar Davido is making headlines after extending an invitation to Kanye West, following West's public denouncement of his former collaborator, Adidas.

On Monday, Kanye West took to social media, accusing the sportswear giant of releasing unauthorized Yeezy designs and urging fans to boycott the brand. Davido, a brand ambassador for Puma, a major competitor of Adidas, saw an opportunity amid the controversy. He commented on West's post, writing, "Come to @puma YE,".

This public invitation has sparked speculation about a potential collaboration between the two musical powerhouses. It's no secret that Kanye West has been vocal about his desire for greater creative control over his Yeezy brand, and Puma is known for its collaborative approach with artists.

Whether this is a genuine olive branch from Davido or a calculated marketing move, it has undoubtedly generated substantial buzz. It remains to be seen if West will entertain the offer. Still, one thing's for sure: the drama surrounding Kanye and Adidas has taken an unexpected turn, with a potential new chapter unfolding in sneakers and celebrity partnerships.

Davido has stood strong in his ability to notice business opportunities and capitalize immediately. His recent collaboration with the audiovisual platform Chatter is also a testament to his marketing abilities.