Davido goes emotional in new tweets about his daughter and son


Davido took to social media today with an emotional tweets about his grief over the loss of his son and the love of his daughter, Imade.

The message, which has since gone viral, reveals Davido's ongoing struggle to cope with the tragedy. In the message, Davido accuses unnamed individuals of constantly bringing up his son's death. He says it is "to just remind us of this tragedy.". He also expresses his determination to move forward for the sake of his surviving daughter, Imade. Stating "Imade will grow up to see I fought for her."

The message concludes with a bittersweet sentiment directed at Imade. It reads “P.S she won’t be a child forever .. enjoy Imade Aurora Adeleke! Your father loves you!"

It seems this messages come in leu of his custody battle with Sophia Momodu, the mother of Imade. Regardless, Davido's post has sparked support from fans and fellow celebrities alike.