Cynthia Morgan thanks Olamide for gifting her 1 million naira


Nigerian rapper Cynthia Morgan thanked Megastar Olamide for gifting her one million naira despite opposition from many people.

Nigerian singer Cynthia Morgan recently disclosed a generous act by rapper Olamide, who gifted her ₦1 million. She shared this revelation on her Instagram story on April 5, 2024. She recounted how she initially chose not to publicize the gift.

In the post, she said, "I told someone that Olamide sent me a million naira some months ago and the guy said that I shouldn't put it out there because the money is too small. I had to stop talking to that guy because I no understand (although it was never my intention to put it out here), but that statement almost made me post it immediately" her post read.

After reflecting on the situation, she decided to share the story of Olamide's kind gesture. She revealed that she had received the ₦1 million from the YBNL music boss. However, she had kept it private based on advice from someone close to her. This person suggested that the amount was not substantial enough to warrant public announcement. Cynthia explained that she had stopped communicating with a friend who belittled the significance of Olamide's gesture.

The Nigerian rapper expressed her gratitude to Olamide on Instagram, stating that she had received the money months prior. She also emphasized the significance of Olamide's gift, stating that no one has gone to such lengths to help her.

She wrote "One million naira wey my own tribesmen loan me, insult me join. Abeg o, Olamide thank you!"

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