COVID-19: “I Don't Think Universities Should Open” - Yemi Alade

Nigerian Afropop sensation, Yemi Eberechi Alade known professionally as Yemi Alade has taken to her Twitter account to raise concerns about the planned re-opening of Universities across the country.


In a series of tweets on the 6th of January 2021, the ‘Shekere’ singer expressed her fears about the fatal consequence of re-opening the Universities. She stressed that there has to be free covid tests, sanitizers and face-masks for every returning student. She said;

“I dont think Universities should open!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! There is a new strain for heaven sake! Atkeast offer every returning student free covid tests , sanitisers ,facemasks ,overalls!”

Yemi Alade further expressed her concerns about practically observing social distancing in a class made up of 100 students. She clearly made it known that she is ‘confused’ regarding the whole situation. She said;

“How can you practice social distancing in a class of 100 students ! No free covid tests, face masks etc and you are opening Universities in the wake of a new strain! I'm confused”

Mixed reactions have trailed the series of tweets by Yemi Alade over her concerns regarding Covid-19 and the re-opening of Universities. Below are reactions of some Twitter users;

A Twitter user calling out Yemi Alade over selfish reasons;

Another Twitter user made reference to bubbling activities in the marketplace and churches;

One expressed frustration with staying back at home;

A Twitter user placing more emphasis on Yemi Alade’s stance regarding the high number of students per class;

A Twitter user supporting the re-opening of Universities;

A Twitter user making use of social class strata to support the re-opening of Universities;

A Twitter user who feels the closure of schools makes no impact on curbing the virus;







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