'Comparing me with any new street sensation is a bad match'- Terry G


Nigerian singer Terry G has a few words for his colleagues in the music industry.

Gabriel Oche Amanyi, also known as Terry G, asserted that no emerging street artist can match his musical prowess. In response to being compared to rising colleagues, Terry G expressed his dissatisfaction with the situation. Taking to his official social media platforms in a post that has gained traction, he deemed such comparisons as "a bad match" and demanded respect for his name.

Emphasizing the need for a fair comparison, he stated that any juxtaposition with new street sensations falls short, asserting his superiority in vocal ability, instrumental proficiency, production of multi-platinum hits for various artists, and the richness of his musical catalog.

Via his social media platform, he said "Put some respect on my name. Comparisons have to be of equal match; then a better choice is made; comparing me with any new street sensation is a bad match; they can act crazy but not musically on my level on both vocal, playing of instruments, producing multi-platinum hits for several artistes and my catalog".

Terry G recently caused a stir on social media by making a noteworthy announcement about his music career. The seasoned artist revealed his decision to step away from the music scene, indicating that he would be quitting music.