Chike gears for release of third album 'Son of Chike'


Following a 2-year break pattern, Nigerian singer-songwriter Chike is ready to impress fans with a new album.

Titled Son of Chike, the project is expected to arrive in June 2024. This will be Chike's third studio album, following the success of his previous releases.

Chike first burst onto the scene with his debut album, Boo of the Booless, in 2020. The album, released on Valentine's Day, explored love in all its forms, showcasing Chike's powerful vocals and smooth melodies. Boo of the Booless was a hit with fans, establishing Chike as a major player in the Afrobeats and R&B scene.

Two years later, Chike dropped his sophomore album, The Brother's Keeper, in 2022. This album showcased Chike's growth as an artist, with a wider range of themes and sounds. The Brother's Keeper resonated with fans for its depth and reflection, solidifying Chike's position as a talented songwriter with a message.

With Son of Chike on the horizon, anticipation is high. Fans are eager to see what musical direction Chike will take this time around. With Chike's proven track record, Son of Chike is sure to be another success story.